Wednesday, April 8, 2020



COVID-19 has changed the day to day lives of nearly every person in America.  At the Chautauqua County Humane Society (CCHS) we have been rolling with sometimes daily changes that have been enacted as a result of this pandemic. The most effective way to answer the questions you have on what may have temporarily changed, we have updated our FAQ.  If you have further questions please message us through the Chautauqua County Humane Society Facebook Page or email


Animal Care

Animal care at CCHS continues in the normal fashion.  There have been changes made to the schedule to separate employee shifts for as little contact as possible.  Social distancing is in practice to help lower the chances of introduction of COVID-19 to our facilities. All shelter pets are being cared for, walked, socialized and loved.  The well-being of any pet in our care is always top priority. 

Animal Count

The animal count at CCHS is currently low.  Thanks to hundreds of people who have reached out to foster pets and those that have responded to recent adoption events, there are very few pets at the shelter.  The count is being kept low for two reasons. The first is to keep the shelter count low in case the COVID-19 Pandemic should take its toll and there is an emergency need for Chautauqua County Residents to board their pets.  The second is to prepare for the event in which a member of the CCHS staff becomes infected and all other staff would need to be quarantined.

Animal Intake

CCHS is currently taking in animals on an emergency basis.  This would include situations where there is an impending need to remove the animal from a home due to a situation that would threaten the pet or the people it is currently living with.  If your pet is having medical issues please contact a local veterinarian. We do NOT have a veterinarian on staff at CCHS. 

At CCHS we are currently taking in stray dogs that are brought to us by Local Animal Control Officers and working to get them back to their families. 


CCHS continues to do adoptions by appointment.  Adoptions are fee waived and scheduled in one hour blocks.  This allows time to go through the standard adoption process as well as sanitize the facilities following the appointment.   Currently we are only accepting applications submitted online. Find the application here.

Volunteer Program

We ask our volunteers to follow the guidelines set forth by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention to stay quarantined and stay safe.  CCHS Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Johnson will contact volunteers via email when the program starts up again. 

Spay/Neuter Clinic

The CCHS spay/neuter clinic is closed until further notice.  All appointments through the end of April have been cancelled. At this time May appointments are set to go as scheduled.  Please watch and the Chautauqua County Humane Society Facebook page for updates.

Pet Food Pantry

The CCHS Pet Pantry is available to Chautauqua County residents.  Please call 665-2209 to make an appointment if you are in need of food.  The Salvation Army of Jamestown is also offering Pet Pantry services to their clients.  Learn more at the Pet Pantry web page

2nd Chances Thrift Store

2nd Chances Thrift Store will remain closed until further notice. Those wishing to support the shelter pets can shop on the 2nd Chances Ebay store, 2ndChances716. Like and follow the 2nd Chances Thrift Store Facebook Page for updates. 

Healthy Pet Clinics 

April and May Healthy Pet Clinics have been cancelled.  June Healthy Pet Clinics are set to go as scheduled. Please watch the Healthy Pet Clinics web page and the Chautauqua County Humane Society Facebook Page for updates. 

Pennies 4 Paws

Pennies 4 Paws will continue as scheduled through April 30th.  A great number of businesses hosting Pennies 4 Paws containers have been affected by COVID-19.  We are grateful to those essential businesses that are still participating in this important fundraising effort.  If you have any questions or need any assistance regarding Pennies 4 Paws or any other CCHS fundraising effort, please email

Important Resources Regarding Pets and COVID-19

Click here for an in-depth article from the Humane Society of the United States regarding everything from pet safety to emergency preparedness during the COVID-19 Pandemic.