Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Please note: The CCHS Adoption Center is not open for visitors unless they have an appointment. Please call 665-2209 with any questions, concerns, if you have donations, or need assistance. Thank you for your patience.



COVID-19 has changed the day to day lives of nearly every person in America. At the Chautauqua County Humane Society (CCHS) we have been implementing frequent changes as a result of the pandemic. The most effective way to answer the questions you have on what has changed is through our updated FAQs below. If you have further questions, please message us through the Chautauqua County Humane Society Facebook Page or email


Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our low cost surgery capacity is reduced from what it had been prior to the pandemic and we are able to perform surgery on cats only – not dogs -- at this time.  We have a safe, new drop-off and pick-up procedure for your pets and we are now able to send and receive all paperwork electronically to cut down on the number of high-touch surfaces and make the process flow more smoothly. Please watch and the CCHS Facebook page for updates on available appointments. If you do not have access to the internet, please leave your contact information at 665-2209 x205 and we will call you to schedule.  We appreciate your patience and encourage you to contact your regular veterinarian for all of your pet’s medical needs.  CCHS does not have a veterinarian on staff and therefore is not in a position to provide regular veterinary care for pets.



Animal Care

Animal Care at CCHS continues as usual. There have been changes made to the staff schedule to separate employees as much as possible and social distancing is in practice to help lower the chances of introduction of COVID-19 to our facility. All shelter pets are being cared for, walked, socialized, and loved. The well-being of all of the animals in our care is always our top priority.


Animal Population and Intake

Thank you to everyone who has adopted and fostered to help us keep the animal population at the Adoption Center as low as is reasonable throughout the pandemic and as we get our feet under us as the COVID-related restrictions begin to ease.

Throughout the pandemic we have continued to take in animals who were in emergency situations and ask that our community continues to assist with animals in need who are not emergencies. We will provide food and other supplies to help make this happen. Please call 665-2209 to see how we can work together to care for animals who need help.

If your pet is having medical issues please contact a veterinarian. We do not have a veterinarian on staff at CCHS. We continue to perform end of life services to pet owners when needed to prevent suffering. Call 665-2209 x200 for an appointment.

Throughout the pandemic we have continued taking in stray dogs that are brought to us by police and contracted Animal Control Officers and have been working as always to get them back with their families.



CCHS continues to do adoptions by appointment. Adoptions appointments are scheduled in one-hour blocks. This allows time to go through the standard adoption process as well as sanitize the facilities following the appointment. All staff that is in contact with the public is required to wear a mask, as is any potential adopter.

It is easiest if you can submit your adoption application online.  Find the application here.  However, we will also be happy to send you a paper adoption application through the mail.  Please call 665-2209 x200 to request one.  If you are invited to leave a voice mail, please leave your full name and mailing address.  We can also schedule a time for adopters to pick up adoption applications from our Adoption Center at 2825 Strunk Road in Jamestown.  Adoption Applications are also available for pick up at our 2nd Chances Thrift Store, 707 Fairmount Avenue in Jamestown.  2nd Chances is open 8am-7pm Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 


Volunteer Program

We ask our volunteers to follow the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stay home and stay safe. Volunteers will be contacted when the program starts up again. 



Pet Food Pantry

The CCHS Pet Pantry is available to area residents. Please call 665-2209 to make an appointment if you need food. The Salvation Army of Jamestown, in conjunction with CCHS, is also offering pet food to their clients. Learn more at the Pet Pantry web page. We appreciate donations of pet food, treats, and cat litter to help keep loved animals in their homes during this time when finances are especially tight.


2nd Chances Thrift Store

2nd Chances Thrift Store is now open Wednesday through Saturday 10am-6pm. Drop off times for donations are 10am-4pm Thursday through Saturday. If you have a large donation or any questions at all, please call the thrift store at 664-4504. Like and follow the 2nd Chances Thrift Store Facebook page for more updates.


Healthy Pet Clinics

Healthy Pet Clinics have been canceled until further notice. Please watch the Chautauqua County Humane Society Facebook page for updates on the 2021 season.


Important Resources Regarding Pets and COVID-19

Click here for an in-depth article from the Humane Society of the United States regarding everything from pet safety to emergency preparedness during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Please note: The CCHS Adoption Center is not open for visitors unless they have an appointment. Please call 665-2209 with any questions, concerns, if you have donations, or need assistance. Thank you for your patience.