CCHS Dog Blog Featuring Pretzel

Monday, March 2, 2020


Are you a loner?  You appreciate your space, maybe aren’t real fond of having company over.  Doesn’t that lifestyle ever get, well, lonely? 

We have the dog for you at CCHS.  Pretzel is a 5 year old girl who loves to go for walks and play fetch (She will even bring the ball back to you!)...and that’s about it.  She doesn’t like cats, and is not a fan of strangers. Heck, she doesn’t even like to be pet unless she seeks you out for some attention. So if you are looking for the companionship of a dog who wants to be left alone to a quiet happy life (just like you!), Pretzel is your dog.

Pretzel came to CCHS as a transfer from the McKean County SPCA in July of 2019. She was adopted out of the shelter for about a month after that for a short time, but due to her dislike for cats things didn't work out and it was a better option for Pretzel to come back to CCHS.