Changing Lives Together - Animal Ally Business Class

Monday, October 12, 2020

We are excited to announce the new Animal Ally/Business Class program.  Chautauqua County Humane Society (CCHS) Director of Community Relations Brian Papalia said, " With this program we will promote local businesses through digital and traditional marketing which will create new foot traffic for them and at the same time create new and enhanced opportunities for not only the pets at CCHS, but those pets out in our community that need a little help to stay in their homes.  2020 has been rough enough on people.  We don't want folks in a situation where they may also have to forfeit their pet due to temporary circumstances forced on them by the effect COVID is having on our local economy.". 

Once a business becomes an Animal Ally,  they will receive a stylish window cling to proudly display that you are a part of a team that is working hard to change the lives of so many pets each day.  They will also receive quarterly updates by mail that will allow them to share their efforts with clients and customers showcasing the difference that they are making in Chautauqua County.  Papalia said, "Everyone loves to support a business that goes above and beyond to not only serve the client base, but also create a happier, healthier community.  This is a very unique way to make to help all of Chautauqua County.  Whether it's through spay/neuter services to help control the pet population, or in the work of connecting people with homeless pets." 

As this is an annual program there is a limited window of time to sign up.   To receive a 10% off Early Bird special please submit your online or mailed in submission by 11/20/20.  We kindly ask for all participants to respond by 12/1/20.   Click here for join the Animal Ally/Business Class program online. 

  If you have questions please contact Brian Papalia at  716-665-2209 x213 or email  

See more about the program below (Click here for the downloadable PDF file):