Heaven Can Wait - Angel's Fund

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Over the past several years, the Chautauqua County Humane Society (CCHS) has repeatedly sought to advance its level of medical care - so much so that it has allowed us to achieve a 99% save rate.

We dedicate our jobs and our lives to providing the best care possible to all animals that enter CCHS - even if we aren't quite sure of what the possible outcome may be. 

Back in July, a call was made to one of our employees regarding a litter of kittens that were underneath the steps of a condemned home. After waiting a little while, a mama cat showed up and 4 kittens were pulled out. One more was tucked away, laying down, and not able to use her hind legs. We introduce to you, Angel, who we have deemed our gift from up above. 

The kittens, and especially Angel, needed immediate care. In the midst of kitten season, the shelter was full and no space was available for a mama and 5 kittens. So one of our staff members stepped in and became an immediate foster. 

Angel was brought in for an evaluation by one of the vets at CCHS, where they recommended just giving her time to heal and that it was most likely a broken leg. Being a kitten, Angel loves to play, even if she really can't. So her foster would help her and would exercise her legs trying to make them stronger. After a week or so of no success, Angel was brought to a vet hospital for a more detailed exam and XRAY where they determined she in fact had a broken leg but that it was just about fully healed. There was just one spot on the XRAY that was a little concerning. 

With a fully healed bone, Angel is still not capable of standing on her back legs. She has now lost her ability to excrete her bladder on her own. What she has not lost, is her will to live and play like a kitten. While the odds may be against her, she is one happy and playful kitten. 

After much consultation, it has been determined that it was more than just a broken leg and most likely something neurological. We are aware that more advanced medical attention than what veterinarians can provide locally, is needed. A call was made to Cornell University, upon which they scheduled an appointment with Angel for September 27. After talking, we determined that waiting that long is not an option. Thus we have scheduled an appointment 5 hours away in Michigan for this upcoming Friday. 

Now anyone knows that veterinarian costs can be extreme and caring for roughly 2,000 animals a year here at CCHS, our medical costs can add up. For just the MRI that is needed, it will cost roughly $2,000. The care after that, we have no idea. We know that for some this may all sound absurd. But to that we say, come down to 2825 Strunk Road, Jamestown, NY and spend just 5 minutes with Angel, you'll understand. 

While the costs seem high for our shelter, collectively we have faith in believing we can help her on her journey. This special kitten’s case strengthens our ability to better care for animals with more disheartening conditions and signifies our belief that Heaven Can Wait. 

A penny can make a difference, we have learned that. Your support has taken us this far and we are so thankful for that. Please, help us fund Angel's journey, wherever it may take us.

Update  8/24/16

Just an update... the MRI that was done showed a cyst on Angel's vertebrae, which is why the doctor proceeded with a spinal tap. The results from the spinal tap are in but didn't get in until late this afternoon, and the doctor had left for the day. We are scheduled for a consultation via phone with him tomorrow. We should know more then. For the time being, Angel has been placed on steroids and has been doing physical therapy three times a day here with some of our dedicated staff and volunteers! She is so happy and lovable, hard to believe that she has any problems! 

Again, thank you all for your unwavering support. We can't believe how successful this campaign is. We are so lucky to live in such a dedicated, animal loving community


Update 8/30/16

We received the blood work results from the veterinarians office and they determined that there was no indication of any blood infection, thus concluding that Angel's condition was most likely congenital. Angel was on a steroid for two weeks and we saw very little improvement, meaning that the chance of her ever improving is very poor.

However, that does not mean we are giving up on her, because we AREN'T. Angel is in no pain and is not suffering at all, she could truly live out a great life. We believe that there is the right person out there that is looking for a special cat, like Angel. 

So at this point, we are creating a life plan for Angel which will include a medical care plan from here on out as well as strategies for adoption, that will give her the best fur-ever home possible. Heaven is just going to have to wait.

Again, thank you for all of your support. The staff and volunteers here at CCHS are so amazed at the support we have received for our beloved, Angel. We will keep you posted as we move forward. THANK YOU!


Update 3/7/17

Our Angel baby has a big day tomorrow as she travels back to Michigan to be reevaluated now that she is over 6 months. They are looking to find out whether or not she is a good candidate for surgery. The best case scenario would be that the surgery would repair mobility in Angel's hind legs. Think positive thoughts for our "Angel."

Update 3/9/17

Our Angel kitty is home after a long couple of days and she is exhausted! We got the results back from Dr. Mosher out in Michigan - and were able to get a better understanding of Angel's condition now that she has grown.

While they weren't the results we wanted to hear, he reiterated to us that she is happy and for the most part is healthy. She has no voluntary movement in her back legs - the movements that we had witnessed were likely due to severe spastic reflexes. The cyst has grown with her... but doesn't necessarily mean it is going to grow any larger. The doc believes that Angel's spinal cord may not be fully intact.... which means the paralysis in her legs would most likely see no results from surgery. Thus leading us to make the decision to not move forward with the surgery.

Last but not least..... this is NOT a death sentence for Angel by any means. With YOUR help, we truly believe we can find the right person to help Angel in her next chapter of life.