Pet Pantry

Do you need help affording food for your pet?


When we think about what an animal shelter does, adopting animals into new homes often comes to mind. And adoption is a large part of what we do at the Chautauqua County Humane Society (CCHS) where we unite well over a thousand animals with new families each year. Something else that is very important to CCHS but might not be thought of as quickly is to help keep pets in the loving homes they already have rather than have them surrendered to a shelter for financial reasons. To this end, the CCHS Pet Pantry is open to Chautauqua County residents who may be struggling to make ends meet.


Once a month residents are welcome to come to our Adoption Center located at 2825 Strunk Road in Jamestown to receive pet food and cat litter.


In partnership with CCHS, the Salvation Army, 83 South Main Street in Jamestown, now also offers a pet food pantry that is available to their approved clients.


The food and cat litter at both locations is made available through generous donations from both individuals and corporations, including most recently the Nestle-Purina Pet Food Factory in Dunkirk. The supply on hand will vary. 


Food is available at the Strunk Road location by appointment or during regular CCHS business hours: 1-5:30pm Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, Friday and 11am to 3pm Saturday.  


Clients can get pet food at The Salvation Army from 10am-12pm and 1pm-3:30pm Monday through Friday.



How do I support the Pet Pantry? 


If you would like to support the CCHS Pet Pantry you can drop off donations of pet food and cat litter at our Adoption Center located at 2825 Strunk Road and at the Salvation Army location at 83 South Main Street, both in Jamestown, NY.  You can also donate now at the links below. Monetary donations allow us to purchase dog and cat food and cat litter for a reduced price from our partners which include PetSmart.


Click here to make a monetary donation.


Click here to purchase pet food on our special Amazon wish list. 


Thank you for helping to keep the animals of Chautauqua County in their homes with the people who love them. 



Thanks to these great supporters of the CCHS Pet Pantry: