Boces Partnership

2nd Chances and Boces have been partners for many years through our E-scrapping volunteer work experience program. Recently, 2nd Chances and Boces teamed up to introduce our rEfinishing program. The students at Boces are learning new skills and the staff at 2nd Chances receive help. In the past 4 years, the partnership has raised over $10,000 for the animals at CCHS.

e-scrapping program

Often times, 2nd Chances will receive computer electronics that we have no use for and would often waste money trying to recycle them properly. That is until we learned of our recycling program that offered money in return for broken down computer parts. The students at Boces break down these computer into the smallest components and then sort them for proper recycling. Therefore, CCHS and Boces will take your broken computer towers for the purpose of recycling!


Occasionally 2nd Chances obtains furniture that needs a little TLC. Although our store has grown over the years, we have no space – or time – to take on projects like that. So this is a perfect match! For now, the students are focusing on simple sanding, painting and minor repairs: real wood – no fiber board repairs. The best part is that each piece of refinished furniture has sold for 3 – 4 times the original price that we would have initially received before the refinishing. That means so much more for the animals of Chautauqua County! It must also be noted that we sincerely thank all the staff and students at Boces for all their hard and amazing work.