Admissions, Surrenders, & Strays

Animal surrenders are done by appointment only and are based on available space in our kennels and cages. The time frame varies as we will not ever euthanize for overcrowding. We ask anyone interested in surrendering an animal to please be patient as we continue to fulfill our mission here at CCHS.

Please call 716-665-2209 ext 200 for scheduling. If no one answers please leave a message with your contact info and any info pertaining to the pet you are surrendering. Someone will return your call as soon as space opens up (this could be anywhere from 1 day to 3 months). 

Surrender Fees
  • Adult Dogs - $25.00
  • Adult Cats - $20.00
  • Kittens & Puppies - $5.00 each with a maximum fee of $25.00 regardless of litter size

Did you lose your dog? Click here to see the process you should follow to redeem your dog

Did you find a stray dog?
Please click here for a listing of your local animal control officer to report a stray animal.