Start a Group Fundraiser

Interested in Hosting Your Own CCHS Fundraiser?

CCHS employees are reminded every day of how lucky we are to be located in the big-hearted and generous Chautauqua County community. Employees and volunteers often interact with people who are interested in hosting a third-party fundraiser to benefit the pets we care for.

If you would like to help, please contact us for advice and important information.  We can help you with information like, facts about CCHS, event ideas, and information to familiarize yourself with the recommended policies and procedures of third party fundraisers. If you decide to do an event please send an E-mail message to or call 665-2209 ext 213.

There are no projects or activities that can be done at the shelter with the animals. If you are interested in doing a community service project for the animals, CCHS suggests these projects:

These projects are to be done on your own schedule. Unfortunately, we do not have staff available to supervise or mentor.


Money donations help us purchase equipment, food, and supplies to keep the animals warm, fed, and healthy.

Bake Sale
A bake sale is easy to put together and with a little extra effort, you can turn yours into a fun event. Make it fun by adding a theme such as a Christmas Cookie Exchange, Pet shapes, or even offer treats for pets!

Car/Dog Wash
Taking a spin off the traditional car wash fundraiser, a dog wash is an event where volunteers wash dogs and other pets in exchange for donations of money. You can either have a set rate per animal, or let donors give any amount of money they want. All it takes to hold this fundraiser is a couple of buckets, water hoses, towels, quality pet shampoo and brushes.

Pennies for Paws/ Penny Wars
This is great to do in schools or businesses! You can do it between classrooms in the same grade level or school-wide! Each team has a bucket for collecting coins or dollar bills. The value of any pennies collected by a group count positively toward that group's point total, while the value of other coins or dollar bills are subtracted. The object is to be the team with the most points at the end of the "war." After the winner has been determined, the money raised can be donated to the Chautauqua County Humane Society in general or it may be used to purchase supplies from our Needs List. We would love to have pictures and/or visit the event too!

School Dance Fundraiser
A local DJ or band may be willing to perform for free or at a discount if they know proceeds from the admission charge will go to help animals.


  • Have a drive at your school, club, or church with boxes for people to leave donations.
  • Work with a store to arrange a time to collect donations
  • Distribute flyers around your neighborhood telling people you will be back on a specific day to pick up any donations they leave on their doorstep.

Ideas for Drives:
Shelter Wish List/Animal Wish List
Our shelter is always in need of supplies. Click here to view our entire Needs List.