Month: December, 2012

Cat Colony Renewal Project Construction Begins January 3rd

Thursday, December 27, 2012
Project Overview: The main room will have a glass front with doors for viewing, crawl ladders on walls, storage and hidden litter pans. The second half of the room will restore the "Get Acquainted Room" to its primary purpose as a secluded room for a prospective adopter to interact with a cat. The "Serenity Room" will provide 20-24 cages for new arrivals in a calmer setting as they make the transition from surrender to the cat colony environment.

The reconfigured Cat Colony will:
  • Improve the quality of life for the cats to maintain health by:
    • Providing a less stressful environment, more climbing opportunities, easier to clean surfaces, and better ventilation
    • Cats will adjust better to the shelter and thrive until they can be adopted
    • Muscle tone will increase with more climbing options.
    • Stress levels will be reduced with opportunities to behave as cats naturally do
  • Improve hygiene by:
    • Allowing the Animal Care Specialists to move cats safely out of the colony room while cleaning more thoroughly
    • Replacing surfaces with those that are easily disinfected.
  • Enhance the adoptability of cats by:
    • Providing a viewing area for potential adopters
    • Reinstating the "Get Acquainted Room" to its original purpose
  • Creating a home-like setting in the colony, so an adopter can envision a cat in his/her home (with curtains, rocking chair, other amenities in place)

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