Barney Has Successful Eye Surgery

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

         Thanks to your gifts Barney can see! 


Barney is recovering well from yesterday’s eye surgery.  The folks at Animal Eye Care of Western New York were able to take the cataracts out of his eyes and put a lens in the eye that had the juvenile cataract.  Barney has much better vision now thanks to a very caring and supportive community. Barney is now back with his foster family Mark and Barb Pelka. Thanks to everyone who donated to cover the cost of the eye surgery, and give Barney the life and sight he deserves.  


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Thanks to your gifts Barney will have the eye surgery needed to save his sight! (see story below)




Thanks to your generous gifts Barney will get the eye surgery he needs.  His surgery has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th at Animal Eye Care of Western New York.  See more of Barney's story...


Meet Barney.  Barney first came to the Chautauqua County Humane Society (CCHS) as a stray in February of 2018, and was quickly adopted out.  Between February and November of 2018, Barney began losing his sight and suffered from a growing sense of fear. That overwhelming sense of fear was making his living arrangement difficult.  So Barney was returned to CCHS. 


After Barney came back to CCHS we had the sight loss investigated and it was determined at Animal Eye Care of Western New York that he had developed cataracts in both of his eyes, an odd development for a five year old dog. It was found that in his left eye is a fully matured cataract and in his right eye is a juvenile cataract.  It was also made known at that time that Barney's sight can be saved. Barney's sight can be restored.  Barney is in need of corrective surgery on his eyes that will restore his sight. The cost for Barney's surgery is $5,500 and it will need to be done soon to achieve optimal results.  Barney's condition continues to worsen, and if the surgery is not done soon he will lose his sight completely.  


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