CCHS Dog Blog Featuring Coach

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

With the warm weather finally starting, are you looking for the perfect four-legged companion to have adventures with? A dog who will go on runs with you, who would love to play fetch with you, who would love to explore and hike?
Meet Coach! Coach is a jock. He is athletic, goofy, and can be a little aloof, but he makes up for that when he has a tennis ball and wants nothing more than to show it off. In his time at CCHS with Coach, he has come out of his shell and become a silly boy who sticks his paws out of the kennel, falls asleep on his back, and who has started walking on the leash like a gentleman.
Coach doesn’t like other dogs too much, so he will need to be the only dog. He also doesn’t do great with cats and they don’t like him much either. Kids under 13? Coach won't be the right dog for you. Coach needs someone who is going to want to move with him. He would be the ideal running buddy.
Fill out the adoption application and put Coach in the Specific Animal box on the app.
He is a great guy and would be an awesome addition to your home.