CCHS Volunteer Appreciation

Thursday, April 26, 2018



             Marjorie Possehl                   Board President DR. Tom Greer               Matthew Kestler (Left)

                                                                 & Board Member Edwin                     & 2nd Chances Manager

                                                                     Rodriguez                                            Larry Spontaneo

Chautauqua County Humane Society (CCHS) board members and staff recently recognized their volunteers and the work they do for the animals at the shelter.  A spaghetti dinner was held at the Free Methodist Church in Jamestown on April 18th, during Volunteer Appreciation Week. Awards provided by CCHS board members and the 2nd Chances Thrift Store were handed out to the top volunteers in a number of categories. CCHS Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Johnson says “We are thankful to have so many outstanding volunteers, we choose the award winners based on how many hours they have volunteered over the past year in specific categories.”  

Marjorie Possehl was named the CCHS Volunteer of the year. Johnson says “Marjorie is a cat socializer who works with the cats in the most need of support and exercise.  She is at the shelter every day!” Possehl put in 592.25 hours in 2017.

Suzanne Abbey was the 2nd Chances Thrift Store Volunteer of the Year.  Suzanne put in 145.25 hours. Suzanna is a specialist with cards and stationary at 2nd Chances. She sorts through thousands of cards donated yearly.


Here is the list of volunteers that were recognized:


Christine Peterson volunteered 310 hours.  She works with beautification, laundry and animal care, and also helps as a front desk assistant and bakes cookies for the dogs every week.


Carol Doolittle volunteered 113.75 hours. Carol socializes with cats, and works with the ones who need the most support.


Nancy Hicks volunteered 562.75 hours in the in-house Spay/ Neuter Clinic. She helps with initial medical prep, aftercare and record keeping.


Jill Patterson volunteered 249.25 hours as dog walker, play groups, and off-sites.  Jill spends every Saturday from 7am to 3pm.


Nikole Knoblock volunteered  504 hours fostering cats.


Matthew Kestler volunteered 76.75 hours.  Matthew is the CCHS Inter-agency Volunteer of they year. He works with CCHS through Aspire. Matthew loves to mop floors and socialize the cats.


Lorrie Utley volunteered 66.75 hours at  2nd Chances Thrift Store. Lorrie works with CCHS through ASPIRE, and helps with housekeeping.


Sherry Vesotski,  volunteered 388.75 hours.  Sherry is office support for the spay/ neuter clinic. Sherry makes reminder calls and after surgery follow-up calls. 


Marilla Norton,  volunteered 132 hours at special events, representing the shelter in the community and selling homemade craft items to support the shelter.


Caroline Meleen, volunteered 74.75 hours. She is a youth volunteer who helps with dog walking and cat socializing. Caroline goes to Randolph Central School and is in 11th Grade.

In 2017, 250 volunteers donated 21,000 hours of their time to benefit the animals at the Chautauqua County Humane Society.  Regarding the spaghetti dinner event, Johnson says “We are so grateful to see this kind of dedication to the animals from the community.  We wanted to do something special show them our gratitude.”

If you are interested in volunteering with the Chautauqua County Humane Society please contact Rachel Johnson at 716-665-2209 Ext. 210.  Information about how you can get involved with the Chautauqua County Humane Society as well as photos and further information on the volunteer appreciation dinner can be found at SPCAPETS.COM.