Cat Blogs Featuring A Kitten Fest Including Frankie Freddie and Hutch

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

CCHS Cat Blog Featuring:

The Chautauqua County Humane Society is bursting at the seams with kittens. With well over 30 kittens looking for a home, CCHS has just what you’re looking for! Are you in search of a kitten who is a little on the spunky side? Then Hutch is your guy! He is full of energy and nothing seems to slow him down. Maybe you are looking for a talker, or someone who craves your attention? Then you should meet Frankie or Clark! Maybe you are looking for a dynamic duo. Some of our kittens are huge cuddlers and prefer the company of others, like Laddy and Cheesecake. Need a cuddler but living in a single pet home? You should meet Freddie. He loves to cuddle but doesn’t need a kitten companion. Whatever personality you are searching for CCHS is sure to have just the one for you.

Click here to learn more about the CCHS Pawp Up Kittenfest This Saturday 7/31 at the Chautauqua Mall. 

CCHS Cat Blog Featuring Gump (Top left), Speedy (Bottom Left), Pullman Island (Top Right), and Juliet (Bottom Right)

Gump came to CCHS as a stray with an eye injury. His eye has since healed and he continues his search for a forever home. Gump does well with other cats in the home but can get overwhelmed by too many others. He loves to sleep in front of a window or lounge on a nice comfy pillow. Though he is only two, he isn’t very active. But, he would rather have someone to sit next to throughout the day. If you are looking for a companion to keep you company, then you most certainly are looking for Gump.

Speedy is a sweet boy who is a perfect mix of needing your attention and being independent. He loves to follow you around to see what you are up to but then walk away like it never mattered. Speedy loves to bird watch as he is often found staring out the window at the bird feeders. He lives well with other cats and could do well with a dog if they left him alone. This one year old boy is ready and waiting to meet you!

Pullman Island is a young man who has had a rough go at life. Once living in a home that was overcrowded to the max, he now resides at CCHS. His independent personality is one of his prominent traits. He is an observer, preferring to watch you from afar. He has a gentle, old soul, and would do best in a home with no children or dogs, but would be content with another cat or two.  Pullman is hoping to find his second chance and a little love along the way.

Two year old Juliet is one of our few feline friends who have been with us for over a month. She is a special girl who is looking for a special type of home. She is hoping to find somewhere quiet with someone who will give her the time she needs to come out of her shell. This means she would like to be the one and only animal in the home, a real princess of you will. If you can give her that opportunity then you will truly see her personality shine.

As these furry friends and others continue their search for a new home, CCHS thanks you for providing the opportunity to give the pets that enter our shelter the care they need as they move forward in their journey home.  Click here to help further CCHS’s efforts to get every pet home.

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CCHS Cat Blog Featuring Isaac Fluffernutter (Top left), Gismo (Bottom Left), Pixie (Bottom Center), and Elsie (Right) 

This week the Chautauqua County Humane Society (CCHS) is filled to capacity with our favorite four-legged friends. Cats, dogs, and rabbits have filled every nook and cranny with well over 100 shelter residents and more in foster homes. It is because of the support of the community  and people like you that we continue to provide the lifesaving care that we do, finding a home for every animal that comes through our facility. We would like to spotlight a few of our feline friends that have come to CCHS in search of their forever homes.

Isaac Fluffernutter or just Isaac, came to CCHS from New York City in January. He is approximately five years old, a big boy (but all fluff)! Isaac is the epitome of a lazy cat. He loves to sunbathe and lounge all day. The higher the lounge space the better. Not only that, but if he can have a window to watch the world go by then he will be the happiest guy! He has a very kind and gentle personality, and is happy to be loved on. He is an independent boy simply looking for a little companionship in this journey called life. His new home should be relatively quiet, and purr-fect for relaxation. Dogs and young children will stress him out and have a habit of interrupting the purr-fect nap.

Meet Gismo. He is approximately one year old and a very handsome mackerel tabby. His patterning will be the first thing that catches your eye, but it is his purr-sonality that will keep you falling in love over and over again. Gismo is incredibly social, seeking you out whenever you enter the room and drawing you in with his continuous pawing for attention. He is an active and playful boy who came to CCHS because he needed a family who could keep up with his energy level. He can play a little on the rough and rowdy side, being too much for younger children and even too much for dogs! But he has done well living in a foster home and in CCHS’s colony room with other cats.

Pixie, a loving two year old calico, came to CCHS after being picked up as a stray in Jamestown. She was found with two young kittens who were assumed to be hers. Both have since been adopted, but it is a wonder that Pixie is still looking for a home. She is as sweet as honey, and just as gentle as she is playful. She loves to bat around her little mouse toy or spend her time with her favorite people. Pixie doesn’t mind being held but is too independent to be held for long. When not socializing or playing with others, her favorite pastime is a good nap on a big cozy cushion. This girl will steal your heart and life will never be the same without Pixie at your side.

At almost five years old Elsie has found herself looking for a home again. This gorgeous girl has the diva attitude and a semi-independent nature. She loves affection on her own terms and is not afraid to tell you that she has had enough. If you can provide her with a window  to look through then you will most certainly make this feline feel like a queen. Gaining Elsie’s trust will take some patience but will be well worth your time. Elsie doesn’t mind living with cats or dogs, but too many or young children will not be a good fit for this diva.

As these furry friends and others continue their search for a new home, CCHS thanks you for providing the opportunity to give the pets that enter our shelter the care they need as they move forward in their journey home.  Click here to help further CCHS’s efforts to get every pet home.