CCHS Easter Egg Hunt Winners

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Eggciting News! 

The Chautauqua County Humane Society kicked off it’s first ever Virtual Easter Egg Hunt on Monday, April 7th and we were very eggcited to see folks have so much fun looking for the eggs.  While there were well over 100 people participating there were 25 that found all 5 eggs. The first 10 folks to send screenshots, or the locations of the eggs they found are going to have the honor of naming a shelter pet and receiving a follow up photo when that pet is adopted.  CCHS Director of Community Relations Brian Papalia said, “Response to this virtual event was really fun. It was great to see responses from all of the different folks that were searching for the eggs. There were people from all different age groups and some cases where families were working together to find them.”  Papalia said, “With such great response we decided to sweeten the pot and randomly draw five more people to win the honor of naming a shelter pet. We really do want to thank everyone for showing the homeless pest at CCHS this kind of love and support.”


Special kudos to Heather Jimerson who was the first to actually find them all and respond. Here are the winners:


The First 10 to respond:                             The 5 Bonus Winners


1-Heather Jimerson                                    1-Kayla Michael 

2-Kim Bajdo                                                2-Kelsie Kilmartin 

3-Tara Visosky                                            3-Mary Elizabeth 

4-Sue Swanson                                          4-Anna Joy Polowy

5-Debbe Littlefield                                      5-Amber Lombardo 

6-Elizabeth Ann

7-Amber Burkholder

8-JoAnna Holland 

9-Laurie Lupold 

10- Jill VanHouten 


The winners will be messaged a short response form to fill out regarding the type of pet they would like to name.  Again thank you for participating and we encourage you to get involved with the National House Pawty happening this Saturday from 6-9pm live on Facebook  Sign up for the House Pawty here! 


Stuck at home with nothing to do? Are the kids bouncing off the walls? We have the solution. Join us for our first ever CCHS Easter Egg Hunt: Social Distancing Edition! We’ve hidden 5 Easter eggs on our website at One of these 5 eggs will be an eggs-tra hard to find golden egg. Now that might have you scrambled, but don’t worry you’ll find it…probably. The first 10 people to find all 5 eggs by Monday, April 13th, will get to choose the name of one of our shelter pets! CCHS will send you a picture of the pet you get to name and we will even send you a picture when the pet you named is adopted. Sound egg-citing? We will have the eggs all hatched and ready to go starting Monday, April 6th!

The eggs will look like the ones in the graphic at the top of the page =)


How to participate:

Look around this website to find the 5 hidden eggs.

Take a screenshot or photo of each egg you find.

Once you find all 5 eggs, message us your photos to the Chautauqua County Humane Society Facebook Page!

We will announce the winners on Facebook and here at on Tuesday, April 14th. 

Have fun and stay safe!